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Smart companies in a smart era.

Meet - smart contracts. And the possibilities are unlimited!
Quantum workflow platform
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    Collaborate with existing professional teams and get your digital product organized and deployed the way the blockchain does it.

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    Create your own smart company, add working positions to it, rely on people you trust and assign missions to them. Start from a small team and build it up to a large company with thousands of employees!

Quantum workflow platform

Be part of well-organized teams instead of a solo player

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, Project Manager, Junior or a Rookie (STAR) – crucial things in your career are teamwork, a good internal organization, a well-organized hierarchy among the team members, clear relations and effective cooperation.

Quantum team organization

Communicate and work together

Chat, call, video call, conference – choose your preferred way of communication and communicate with your team members easily. Make group and conference calls within your team.

Quantum team communication
Quantum tab bar

Your working day starts with a tap of the finger

Track your working time from any part of the world. Send your periodical status notes to your managers or to your colleagues as easily as texting a friend through your favorite messenger. Enjoy teamwork even if you are kilometers away from your co-workers and share your local weather and mood status.

Quantum time-track option
Quantum blockchain

Easily track your progress and assigned jobs

Be part of the various projects, track your progress, earn QTX (Quantix Tokens) and exchange them within the platform. Do things like outsourcing, helping others and teaching them with ease, all that without ever having to pay any fees for the services you charge.

Job office for the currently open job positions

There is a place for everyone who wants to work freely

Start as a Rookie (STAR), and progress by improving skills and gaining experience within the Quantum Workflow platform. Jobs office is the place where you can go through all job positions that are currently open in smart companies. Find your dream workplace, apply according to your previous skills and level on the Quantum platform and sign the contract with a click.

Working environment tailored to you

Equality is written into the DNA of the platform. The company leaders define working conditions and company members vote about them. Voting results are automatically applied the way the majority voted. Get to know our Smart Voting.

Quantum progress
Quantum paycheck option

The best of all – you get a paycheck every day!

You may cash out your earned QTX whenever you want. You can choose whether you would like to get small amounts every day or spend your half-month amount in peace.

No transaction fees within the platform forever. Only the amount that leaves the platform is taxable by the laws of your country.

Create your own smart company and try yourself at a CEO position

Creating a smart company on Quantum platform is just a click away. As a CEO, you can define an unlimited number of self executive contracts and define working positions, add missions to your managers, track their progress, reward them and make them feel satisfied and motivated. Get to know our Smart Contracts.

Create your own company and assign missions

Get unlimited possibilities and job position variations

Enabled by Smart Contracts, inspired by LEGO

There are literally unlimited ways to define job positions in your smart company. Create a Smart Contract using Visual mode or Code editor, and all actions from contracts defined and confirmed between parties shall automatically be applied when one of sides meets certain conditions. Piece of cake!

visual modeVisual Mode

You can easily add new working positions to the structures of the smart companies, with a predefined Smart Contract Visual mode editor.

Quantum visual mode
code editorCode editor

Borders are where your imagination ends. Using Solidity language in Code editor enables literally unlimited ways to define a job position.

Organize company
Share positionsShare

Create your own hierarchy, make it public or share it with the community or friends

Organize your smart company in an infinite number of ways, share Smart Contracts with your community or friends within the platform or keep them private. Create job positions and add them to your smart company by using publicly shared positions or create your own "from ground".

Quantum Workflow Bonus Reward

Invite up to 5 people to join the platform and get a reward for each of them that joins

We all know that good things are worth sharing with others. Not only are you doing a great thing for the future by making more people hear about the platform and have a chance to try it, but you will also be rewarded for each accepted invitations as soon as the invited person creates his/her profile. Create your profile and invite your friends to join now!

Grab your early phase awards immediately!

I am here to work

Become one of the first 10 000 Quantum Workflow platform users, and get 100 QTX free as a welcome reward!

I am here to invest

Interested in investing? Check our White paper, because we are offering a special bonus of 100% more tokens in the Pre-ICO phase.

Quantum new profile