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Register now and get rewards for inviting your friends and giving your oppinion. - 01-September-2020


Your personal cloud team in your pocket!

Quantum workflow platform
  • manager

    You are company owner, have business idea or own a startup?

    Create your own team structure, add working positions to it, and let best talents to jump in. Start from a small team and build it up to a large company.

  • freelancers

    Looking for a remote job, but want to stay flexible and free?

    Create your profile, browse existing working positions matching your occupation and experience, jump in and start working immediately.

Quantum workflow platform


Power of teamwork lets you truly focus on your profession

Now you can really focus on the profession that you are best at.
Jump in to the most creative remote teams in the world and communicate, cooperate and complement like you're in the same room, no matter where you are. Teamwork rocks!

Quantum team organization

Feel the whole new dimension of productivity

Communication with your team colleagues has just been upgraded. Chat, plan, participate in conference calls and share the mood and weather in your area. Share responsibilities and assign milestones directly from chat baloons.

Quantum team communication

Build a long term career

No more time spending on a project chasing. Your previous experience is entering ticket to working place of your dreams.
Our algorithm let you jump in to already opened positions by matching your experience, skills, price and desired working period.

Quantum long career
Quantum paycheck option

0% fees forever

Your earnings are all yours. No hidden fees, no extra costs or conversation rates. Forever.
Quantum algorithm uses the latest technologies like Blockchain, making all value transactions automatized with no additional costs, leaving more juice to you.

Job office for the currently open job positions

business owner BUSINESS OWNERS

Invented to empower your team

Create your own smart team by easily adding working positions, creating the structure of your dream team.
One place for your whole team. Write, plan, and stay productive no matter where you’re working from.

Unleash your creativity with contract terms

You and your workers may have specific conditions to negotiate about. Only your imagination is limit. Define bonuses, penalties, promotion goals or any other triggers that would make your workers most productive ever.
Forget about PDF and paper centric system, and start treating your contracts like a data.

Quantum add new position
Quantum Workflow interview

Fill your team with the best matching talents on the market

Working positions in your team are like landing points for the talents witch have similar interests and experience.
Quantum gives you the greatest accuracy by matching experience, skills, price and desired working period.

Organize company
Share positionsShare

Access to the smart contract community pool

Drawing up contracts from scratch every time you need one can be time-consuming. Use predefined open source smart contract templates to help you save time and jumpstart your working positions creation. Share your visions with community.

Quantum Workflow Bonus Reward

Register at an early phase and get rewards for inviting friends and giving us your toughts

We all know that good things are worth sharing with others. You are not just doing a great thing for the future by making more people hear about the platform and have a chance to try it, but you will also be rewarded with QTX tokens to boost your progress or building your team for every friend invited and giving us your opinion. Create your profile and invite your friends to join now!

Grab early phase rewards and tell us your oppinion!

registerRegister and grab your rewards

Become one of the first 10 000 registered users, and grab welcome bonus in QTX tokens to boost your start!

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Join our community, discuss, connect with other users and have opportunity to ask us a question. We are answering.

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