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Rely on trusted project managers experienced working with the companies including:

Get real insight before even applying to an open position

You are only communicating to technical experts who understands technology and translates project needs into a professional specification.

No more undefined job requirements that would require you to identify business needs.

Well defined job requirements

Build connections and work together with your friends

Build long-lasting connections with project managers and enjoy repetitive jobs and long term engagements.

You have 70% better chances to have recurring job if you work with project manager instead of working directly with a client.

Enjoy repetitive jobs
Quantum front-end developer

Leverage on your performance

All engagements are scope-based, no more time-tracking, working hours and hourly rates.

Working on several positions in parallel is still fine if you are delivering on time - only your efficiency is a limit for your earning.

No more time-tracking

Guaranteed payouts

Each position that you work on is already funded and will be paid out after each completed milestone.

Flexible withdrawal options from your balance to best fit your preferences.

Pre-funded jobs
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"I enjoy managing projects on Quantum Workflow because a communication with both, clients and freelancers, is nicely structured and the way of project organization is perfectly fitting what I think is a good way of leading a project from my more than 15-year long experience."

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Quantum Frontend developer open position
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